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The best known drug of all time. Nearly every adult in our country knows about it since its introduction in 1998. However, still there is a huge audience which would be asking about it. The most prominent question is how it works? And what are its side effects ? Does it even work, and this list goes on? Today we have written brief answers about almost everything. look here What is actually Top drug store? Viagra is a market name for the drug which is called as Sildenafil. There are some other drugs also in this category, but the most common one is Viagra. Viagra and other such as drug simply help man with erection by enhancing the erectile response but for it, man should be aroused in the way he should be. If he is not responding to that arousal, that may or may not be effective at all. How does Viagra really work? To understand this, one has to know how erection actually works. When someone is sexually aroused the nervous cells in the erectile tissues releases the, Nitric Oxide which in response forces an enzyme to create a cGMP. Now what viagra actually does is that it balances the level of cGMP. However, as told earlier, Viagra will not work if a person has turned himself off. Viagra is also regarded as the safest in the category of PDE-5. However, still it may not be appropriate for everyone and may also not work in many cases. Plus women are not allowed to use this drug. This is the most common question that, is there any side effect and what are they? Every drug has a side effect, and Viagra is no exception but the side effects are not highly severe, rather very brief and mild. Most common one includes the headache and facial flushing. Some less reported side effects include indigestion, a stifling nose and a blue tint to the eye sight.

Moreover, the Viagra interacts with many drugs, and you should be consulting your doctor before taking it. Any drug with prescription should not be taken; doctor consultation is must.All those who are having heart and liver issues should not use the drug at any cost. Besides all the things related to sexual life viagra is doing, there are so many other benefits that are proving to be very beneficial to the world as a whole. The most important use of Viagra can be made for the cure of Cancer. Researchers have shown that viagra can help decrease the tumors and protect the heart if combined with certain drugs. You cannot imagine the rate of the unsuccessful marriages, due to psychogenic erectile dysfunction, and Viagra has helped thousands of couples to live happily constantly, well not forever. The most important and successful usage of Viagra is for the species who are on the verge of extinction like Pandas. They usually do not breed in captivity, but with the help of those little blue pills they can mate and mate for a long time.Thus increasing a chance for them to survive. The blue pill whom we have today is one of the great gifts from science, if used properly. We have tried to cover almost each concept related to Top drug store; do you think we missed something? Let us know in comments.

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